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Rehab Near Me

Rehab Near Me

If you discover that your loved one is starting to struggle with substance abuse, there are a lot of emotions involved and you never want it to turn into an overwhelming situation. It is normal to feel guilt and a range of other emotions that come over you for not discovering the issue much sooner. However, you can start the search for a rehab near me so that you can start to get your loved one the treatment that they need to set themselves up for success. 

What Is Rehabilitation Treatment? 

Rehab is a term used for rehabilitation treatment. This is a treatment option that describes programs designed to treat patients for drug and/or alcohol addiction while in a residential setting. A rehab is generally abstinence-based and will provide participants with a program that is built on support and care while focusing on becoming drug-free before heading back out into the community. 

What Is The Difference Between Inpatient And Residential Treatment? 

When it comes to inpatient treatment, these programs are usually carried out while the patient is in a hospital or a treatment facility. However, residential treatment is carried out in an environment that mimics that of a home-like setting. When you are searching for options in rehab near me, you will find that there are many choices that you have to make to find the best center for you or your loved one. The good thing about rehabilitation is that it is fully adaptable and a patient who is involved in a shorter program can always move into long-term rehabilitation if the need is there.

What Is The Success Rate Of Rehab?

After starting in your journey at a rehab near me, studies have shown that patients usually reduce their rate of relapse by roughly 90% or so. This will often depend on the type of drug that the patient is addicted to. For example, the success rates for a person addicted to heroin will be vastly different than someone who has an addiction to marijuana or even alcohol. With outpatient therapy, there is a completion rate of roughly 30 to 35%, while someone taking part in a residential program could have a chance at a completion rate of about 65 to 70%.

It is crucial that you find a rehab facility that fits in with your needs and your lifestyle. Drug and alcohol addiction is something that should never be taken lightly. Residential treatment and long-term care will help to set the participant up for success. It is critical that anyone in rehab is set up with the skills and tools that they need to get by when integrating back into their regular life. 

Come talk with our staff at White House Recovery & Detox so that we can tell you why we are the best choice when you need a rehab near me. We offer group sessions as well as one-on-one therapy and counseling to help make sure that your addiction is addressed accordingly. We have a staff that is fully licensed and experienced, making sure that every participant has the care and tools that they need.

Rehab Near Me
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